Red Book (64 Page)

The What should I do? Red Book is a 64-page symptom-based minor illness booklet, aimed at promoting self-care and reducing inappropriate attendance at hospitals, general practices and Accident and Emergency.

The Red Book encourages self-care enabling the public to recognise symptoms and commonly occurring illnesses and complaints and then advising on what can be done and when there is a need to call upon a doctor or other carers for help.

The Red Book includes medical issues such as sprains, headaches, stress, vomiting and rashes or spots in ill and feverish children. The What should I do? patient education programme has now been used for over ten years and is proven to be effective.

GPs estimate that around 30% of their consultations are with patients who don't need to see a doctor. Extensive research has shown that the What should I do? Red Book is read, retained and referred to by patients, especially when given to them by a healthcare professional. It has also been proven that it can reduce visits to GPs for minor illnesses by up to 60% - potentially creating huge financial savings for surgeries.

The What should I do? Red Book has been supporting primary care professionals for over 10 years and there are more than 3 million copies in circulation in the UK. It is regularly assessed for medical accuracy and has been thoroughly researched both in this country and abroad.