Practice Brochures

A practice brochure which works harder - with 20 percent discount on your first order

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The What should I do? Red Book, designed to promote self-care and help to reduce inappropriate attendance, can also double up as your surgery brochure!

Incorporating The Red Book into your surgery brochure creates an invaluable and cost effective patient support for your surgery. Your patients will not only be armed with necessary surgery information, but also straightforward advice on how to manage over 42 minor illnesses themselves.

For effective patient self-care we can create a practice brochure for you that includes the Red Book content

It's simple

Step 1

Send us your surgery information

Step 2

We will design your practice brochure and depending upon the amount of information that must be included, it will either be four or eight pages

Step 3

Your practice brochure will then be bound around the outside of  'What should I do?'  Red Book creating a customised, professional and substantial practice brochure for you.